DIY Shorts!

Hello angels! Its thursday that means the blog day and here I am back with a new topic. So yes as you all can see the title- DIY shorts- do it yourself shorts, a hint may have popped up in many of yours mind. Yes, its all about how to convert your old denim/pant into the shorts you want. All you need is your old denim/pant, scissor, measuring tape, chalk or a pencil to mark up the line, thread and a needle.


1. Mark up the length:

All you have to do is put on your denim/pant that is to be converted into the shorts and decide how long you want your shorts to be. Mark up the desired length a you want with a pencil or a chalk. You can also take one of your old shorts whose length is preferable and mark your length according to it. Make sure the line you draw is inclining (slanted) and not totally straight as shown in the below picture. Draw your line on both the sides – front as well as back.


2. Marking the other line:

Draw a line that is 2.5 inches below the line that you have marked earlier. Make sure the line is parallel to the above line. Mark the line on the backside same as this one that is 2.5 inches below the above line.


3. Cutting the front side.

Now as the lines are marked up nicely, its time to cut those lines out. Make sure you don’t cut both the sides – the front and the back together. Cut the line which is drawn 2.5 inches down of the front side first as shown in the below picture.


4. Cutting the back side.

Now as we are done cutting the front part, turn your denim/pant on the back side and similarly cut the line which is drawn 2.5 inches below the previous line. After cutting both the sides your pant should look like this,

2017-06-28 07.16.37 1.jpg

5. Check the length.

Now put on your shorts and check whether the length is suitable to you or not. If you want it shorter you can cut it further and if it fits you perfectly, fold your shorts half an inch twice till it comes to the line that we marked first and then stitch it with a needle and thread so that the fringes doesn’t come out and after once it gets stitched your shorts is ready to be worn.

2017-06-28 07.21.21 1.jpg

If you have any queries, mail me- or DM me on instagram @themodestvibe. Thankyou for reading the article. See you all next time!!!




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