Black Magic!

Hey babies! I’m back and I hope you guys are having a good day. So as I’ve mentioned before, black is my all time favorite color. Yeah, many of you might be having a simple black dress and it is one of the best things one can wear to look elegant. If there are any lazy people out there (like me) who finds nothing to wear during a party or any other occasion at the last moment, a simple black dress is the most preferable.

Also, black is a color which will look good when matched with any other color whether it may be white or red or yellow or any other. Here I wore it with denim jacket from Missa More Clothing and my all  time favorite boots from Street Style Store. Also, short black dress looks super cute with black boots. You can clearly say it after watching the pictures. There are so many reasons for me to admire black. Also, the specialty of black is that you can try it out with any of your favorite color and it’ll undeniably look good and therefore you can wear something unique.

I personally loved this look so much. Did you guys loved it? Let me know!!!

IMG_0712.JPG IMG_0716.jpgIMG_20170622_101412.jpg





Dress yourself in a black dress, wear black boots, put on some lip shade and handle it!




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