Flaunting New Hairs!

Hello babies! First of all sorry for the irregularities. Actually I ordered some stuffs for my blog and so now I'm all set for it, haha!So I had a haircut yesterday that I wanted it to be done since a very long time but was really confused whether I should go for it or not. […]

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The Unique Blogger Award

Hey Fellas, I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend. So as you guys can see the blog title that says something related to the award. Yes, it's regarding the unique blogger award. I really can't believe that I've been nominated for this award in such a short period of time as well as such […]

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Matte Fever!!

Hey Angels! How are y’all doing? I know it’s been 2 weeks since I posted my last blog and I’m so glad you guys liked it. Actually I wasn’t having my phone and I was engaged in some process so didn’t got that much time. But from now I’ll be regular and I’ll  be posting […]

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DIY Shorts!

Hello angels! Its thursday that means the blog day and here I am back with a new topic. So yes as you all can see the title- DIY shorts- do it yourself shorts, a hint may have popped up in many of yours mind. Yes, its all about how to convert your old denim/pant into […]

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Black Magic!

Hey babies! I’m back and I hope you guys are having a good day. So as I’ve mentioned before, black is my all time favorite color. Yeah, many of you might be having a simple black dress and it is one of the best things one can wear to look elegant. If there are any […]

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All About Hair & Skin

Hello everyone! How are y’all? I hope you guys are having a good day. Anyways, as you can see the title and so you kinda got the hint what’s today’s topic is all about. Yes, its about hair and skin care. So many of you may be dealing with some or the other ┬ákind of […]

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